Speak Up, Show Up, and Step Up: Using Thought Leadership to Build a Marketable Brand or Business

April 8, 2014

denise-brosseauDenise Brosseau

Denise Brosseau is the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, where she works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to build visibility, credibility and thought leadership to enhance their professional success. Her clients include leaders from Apple, Genentech and Morgan Stanley as well as startup CEOs, partners in professional service firms and nonprofit executives. Denise is the author of Ready to Be a Thought Leader? published in early 2014 by Wiley/Jossey Bass.

In this podcast, Denise talks about the importance of thought leadership—not just for community leaders and CEOs but for individuals within companies as well. She discussed the 7 steps for becoming a thought leader and why it’s so important to be as discoverable as possible.

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Time for a New Twist on Leadership

March 25, 2014

pierre-khawandPierre Khawand

Over the last 20 years, Pierre Khawand has led several technology ventures, completed successful mergers and acquisitions, and founded People-OnTheGo. His Accomplishing More Leadership Program helps today’s leaders develop the awareness and behaviors needed to focus on results and develop people in the midst of the information overload. He is the author of Time for Leadership, the Accomplishing More With Less workbook, the Results Curve, and the New New Inbox.

In this podcast, Pierre talks about how tomorrow’s leaders will need to do more than just understand how to motivate people. Getting a handle on information overload and considering stress management and wellness are important aspects of the new leadership as well.

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Mind Over Mouth: How Sales Yoga Can Take Sales Results to a New Level

March 15, 2014

scott-wintripScott Wintrip
Wintrip Consulting Group

Scott Wintrip has helped thousands of companies increase revenue, improve profitability, expand market share, boost employee retention, and decrease labor intensity. He has appeared on the Staffing 100 list of the most influential leads in the world for the third consecutive year. His new book, Sales Yoga: A Transformational Practice for Opening Doors and Closing Deals, is receiving global acclaim.

In this podcast, Scott talks about how sales yoga techniques can keep sales people grounded and present, increase mindfulness, and improve the sales process for buyers and sellers.

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Fashioning Your Personal Brand

February 23, 2014

joseph-rosenfeldJoseph Rosenfeld
Personal Brand and Style Strategist

For over 25 years, Joseph Rosenfeld, has helped his clients discover their personal brands and design their personal styles. His Silicon Valley clients benefit from a simplified yet sophisticated system of creating a personal brand and style suited to their personalities, goals, coloring, styles, and bodies.

In this podcast, Joseph talks about how the right personal style and fashion can make or break a personal brand, and how the right alignment between personal and corporate brands can create success for both individuals and the organizations they work for.

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Customer Experience: Are You Ready for the New Journey?

January 28, 2014

christine-crandellChristine Crandell
New Business Strategies

Christine Crandell, president of B2B strategy and customer experience firm New Business Strategies, leads client services teams serving customers worldwide. She has keynoted and spoken on building customer-centric organizations, aligning sales and marketing, and customer experience strategy, and blogs for the Huffington Post and Forbes.com.

In this podcast, Christine talks about how managing today’s customer experience is so different in the past and why understanding the journey of key customer participants to decide to purchase a product or service is so critical to an organization’s success.

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The 21st Century Power Couple: Why CMOs and CIOs Belong Together

January 15, 2014

meg-bearMeg Bear
Group Vice President, Oracle Social Cloud

Meg Bear lives and works at the intersection of people, business and technology.

The Group Vice President for the Oracle Social Cloud, Meg has over 10,000 hours and more than 20 years’ experience in Enterprise Applications. She is skilled across a broad spectrum of functional domains, including Social, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing, Financials and Human Resources, in addition to technical tools, implementations and methodologies.

In this podcast, Meg talks about why CMOs and CIOs need to collaborate more closely to make their businesses more successful in today’s converging social world. . She explains why organizations can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to leverage the insights their IT and marketing teams are each developing— in order to take the business to an even higher level.

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The Linguistics of Leadership: How Finding the Right Language and Voice Are Critical to Marketing Success

November 19, 2013

libby-wagnerLibby Wagner
Libby Wagner & Associates

Libby Wagner, poet, author, speaker and former CEO of Influencing Options, is one of the only former poetry professors warmly invited into the boardroom. She is a trusted advisor for presidents, CEOs and executive directors, and her work has shaped the cultures of numerous Fortune 500 clients, including Boeing, Nike, Philips, ST Microelectronics, Diageo and Costco.

In this podcast, Libby talks about the poetry of persuasion, and the importance of using voice and language to connect brands and customers. She explains why if companies don’t find their brand voice, they’ll wind up going somewhere they didn’t intend to be.

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It’s All About the Leaders: How Leaders’ Actions Impact Employee Brand Engagement

October 9, 2013

roberta-matuson-smRoberta Matuson
The Talent Maximizer
Matuson Consulting

Roberta Matuson, president of Matuson Consulting, helps leaders in Fortune 500 companies, including Best Buy, New Balance, and The Boston Beer Company, and small to medium-size businesses, achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through the maximization of talent.

In this podcast, Roberta talks about the link between employees and company brands, and why it’s so important to empower managers to keep employees onboard and engaged.

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Exploiting Big Opportunities with Big Data

September 12, 2013

wes-trochlil-smWes Trochlil
President, Effective Database Management

Wes Trochlil, president of Effective Database Management, has worked in and with over a hundred associations, non-profits, and membership organizations throughout the US, Canada and Australia. With nearly 100 articles and hundreds of blog posts, Wes is the most published author on data management in the association market.

In this podcast, Wes talks about the opportunities and challenges for organizations of all types as they try to leverage Big Data, discusses why this is now such a hot topic, and why organizations ignore Big Data at their peril.

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Marketers: It’s Time to Lead by Letting Go

August 21, 2013

terri-griffithTerri Griffith, Ph.D.
Chair, Management Dept., Santa Clara University

Prof. Terri Griffith is an expert on the process of making combined technology and organization decisions, and then working these changes into an organization. These ideas are outlined in her recent book, The Plugged-In Manager: Get in Tune with Your People, Technology, and Organization to Thrive.

As we get a tighter grip on understanding the world around us through sensors, big data, and transparency, we have the opportunity and the need to let go of many past business perspectives.

In this podcast, Terri talks about Lead by Letting Go, her new project which offers a clear model for slowly letting go (backed up by decades of research, as well as modern examples) thereby improving business outcomes.

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