Harnessing the Power of a Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

mike-gospeMike Gospe
Marketing strategist & professional CAB facilitator
KickStart Alliance


Mike Gospe is a professional customer advisory board facilitator and co-founder of KickStart Alliance, a sales and marketing leadership consulting team. Over the past 12 years, Mike has personally facilitated and helped companies execute more than 100 CAB meetings in a variety of B2B industries. Prior to that, he held a variety of leadership roles at HP, Sun, and several start-ups. He is also the author of several B2B marketing books, including The Marketing High Ground and The Flipchart Guides to Customer Advisory Boards.

In this podcast, Mike discusses how some tech companies are using their CAB to identify and strengthen their competitive advantage. He answers a number of important questions executives wrestle with when they are implementing or revising their CAB program. Mike shares stories, experiences, and recommendations for avoiding common CAB mistakes, as well as how to ensure your CAB program is world-class.

audio Listen to this podcast.

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One Response to “Harnessing the Power of a Customer Advisory Board (CAB)”

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    […] Gospe was recently interviewed by Linda Popky, CEO of the marketing firm Leverage2Market, and author of the upcoming book, […]

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