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Brands Breakthrough By Being Brave Enough To Be Authentic

January 4, 2017

gregory-diehlGregory Diehl

Gregory Diehl has traveled to over 49 countries on a global quest for learning, self-discovery, entrepreneurship, and inquiry. His first book Brand Identity Breakthrough, was a smash hit and quickly became an Amazon bestseller. Gregory continues to travel internationally, offering unconventional lifestyle coaching and brand identity consultancy for impassioned individuals.

In this podcast, Gregory talks about the biggest mistakes he sees small business owners repeating time and again in their brand identity, as well as how entrepreneurs can be unique in a marketplace that grows more crowded every day. He shares what he’s learned about marketing and communication from living in so many cultures, and he tells us why having a strong brand personality is so important to build lasting relationships with customers.

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Get to the Point: How What We Say, How We Say It, and Where It’s Said Impact Whether or Not a Message is Heard

May 2, 2013

kare-anderson2-smKare Anderson
Say It Better Center

Kare Anderson is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, who is the author of Moving from Me to We, Resolving Conflict Sooner, and Getting What You Want: Hand Walk Your Talk.

In this podcast, Kare discusses specific ways we can communicate more effectively with others, including the three key elements that make a listener more likely to remember a message.

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