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The Law of Attraction: Why Magnetic Leadership is Critical for Success

July 11, 2017

Roberta Matuson
Matuson Consulting

For more than 25 years, Roberta Matuson, president of Matuson Consulting, has helped leaders in highly regarded companies, including General Motors, New Balance, The Boston Beer Company and small to medium-size businesses, achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through the maximization of talent. She is known globally as “The Talent Maximizer®.” Roberta is the person that top employment site Monster and global retail giant Staples turns to for advice on talent. She is the author of four books, including the recently released, The Magnetic Leader: How Irresistible Leaders Attract Talent, Customers and Profits. Roberta is one of a handful of people who have appeared as a guest of Bill O’Reilly’s on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor, and left the show unscathed.

In this podcast, Roberta talks about why magnetic leaders, those who attract talent to them, are so critical for successful organizations. She talks about some of the biggest mistakes she sees leaders make when it comes to leadership, and provides tips for how each of us can learn to be more magnetic.

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Why Without Vision and Leadership, Brands Suffer

July 19, 2016

sunny-bonnellSunny Bonnell

Sunny Bonnell has the ability to see a brand come alive from the very beginning. A prominent bluegrass player by the time she was eleven, Sunny was a street musician and theatre actor before co-founding Motto in her early twenties. She attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design, where she pursued an MFA and earned four art scholarships, all while leading Motto to award-winning recognition.

In this podcast, Sunny talks about the leader’s role in building a brand, why articulating meaning is so important, and how brand and culture are truly symbiotic. She talks about why what looks like branding issues is often masking much deeper culture and leadership problems that must be solved first.

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In Plain Sight: The Important Leaders We Often Don’t See

May 19, 2015

scott-edingerScott Edinger
Founder, Edinger Consulting Group

Scott Edinger is recognized as an expert in helping organizations achieve top and bottom line growth. He has worked with leaders in nearly every industry sector, helping the formulate and implement growth strategies, increase revenue and profit, develop leadership capacity, drive employee engagement, and attract and retain talent. He is the co-author of The Hidden Leader and The Inspiring Leader, as well as a contributing author to the American Society for Training and Development Leadership Handbook.

In this podcast, Scott discusses the hidden leaders that are often not given credit within an organization. He also talks about the 4 characteristics of leadership behavior that all employees can exhibit and why it’s so important that employees understand what it means to really act as a business owner.

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How Marketing Helps Midsized Companies Get Mighty

September 13, 2014

RobertSherRobert Sher
Founding Principal
CEO to CEO Inc.

Robert Sher is Founding Principal of CEO to CEO, a firm of former CEOs that improves the skills of mid-market chief executives who are navigating changes in their business and marketplace. A columnist and author of two books, he is a veteran CEO with 23 years’ experience, as well as a board member of KBFA, Inc., Managing Director of the Alliance of Chief Executives, and current President of the Association for Corporate Growth San Francisco.

In this podcast, Rob talks about the biggest mistakes he sees marketing leaders at midsize companies make. He discusses the role of marketing in reducing the risk of fumbled acquisitions, as well as how creativity and discipline can coexist effectively.

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Is Lack of Collaboration Killing Your Business?

May 31, 2014

LisaBing-smLisa Bing
Bing Consulting Group

Lisa A. Bing stands out for her ability to simplify the complex and rapidly drive dramatic results. As an organizational strategist and leadership expert, she helps leaders and executives transform teams and accelerate strategy implementations. She has worked with hundreds of leaders and executives across industries and from over 25 countries. Lisa has been called an “avatar for improving adult performance rapidly and dramatically.”

In this podcast, Lisa will talk about the leader’s responsibility for creating collaboration especially in light of the increasing pressures for marketing-PR-sales to be aligned in their efforts. She’ll discuss what true collaboration looks like, why it’s worth the effort to collaborate, and provide examples of leaders’ best practices for creating collaborative workplaces.

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Time for a New Twist on Leadership

March 25, 2014

pierre-khawandPierre Khawand

Over the last 20 years, Pierre Khawand has led several technology ventures, completed successful mergers and acquisitions, and founded People-OnTheGo. His Accomplishing More Leadership Program helps today’s leaders develop the awareness and behaviors needed to focus on results and develop people in the midst of the information overload. He is the author of Time for Leadership, the Accomplishing More With Less workbook, the Results Curve, and the New New Inbox.

In this podcast, Pierre talks about how tomorrow’s leaders will need to do more than just understand how to motivate people. Getting a handle on information overload and considering stress management and wellness are important aspects of the new leadership as well.

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It’s All About the Leaders: How Leaders’ Actions Impact Employee Brand Engagement

October 9, 2013

roberta-matuson-smRoberta Matuson
The Talent Maximizer
Matuson Consulting

Roberta Matuson, president of Matuson Consulting, helps leaders in Fortune 500 companies, including Best Buy, New Balance, and The Boston Beer Company, and small to medium-size businesses, achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through the maximization of talent.

In this podcast, Roberta talks about the link between employees and company brands, and why it’s so important to empower managers to keep employees onboard and engaged.

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It’s Up to You: Taking Control of Your Own Career Success

January 18, 2012

Kathryn Ullrich
President and Executive Recruiter
Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc.

Kathryn Ullrich, the author of Getting to the Top: Strategies for Career Success, specializes in the recruitment of VPs of marketing, product management, sales and consulting roles for technology and services companies. She also serves as the Director of Alumni Career Services at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

In this podcast, Kathryn talks about what she’s learned from her research on career paths to the top of marketing. She tells us the 5 key skills marketing professionals should develop to be successful and gives us her recommendations for how marketers can develop their own plan for career success.

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