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Making it Work: The Secret to Successfully Integrating Millennials into the Workplace

June 16, 2015

lee-caraherLee Caraher
CEO DoubleForte

Acclaimed communication strategist Lee Caraher started DoubleForte as a new kind of communications firm designed to work with good people, doing good work for good companies by providing the best results and service in the business. She serves on the boards of KQED Public Media and Santa Francisco’s Grace Cathedral in key leadership positions, and she is a member of Entrepreneurs Only (EO). She is the author of Millennials & Management: The Essential Guide to Making it Work at Work.

In this podcast, Lee debunks some of the biggest myths Baby Boomers have about Millennials in the workplace, as well as the strengths they bring to the working environment. She discusses why it’s so important for businesses to effectively engage Millennials in their organizations and what Boomers have to do to stay in the game with the new generation.

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Understanding the Gen Y Mindset for Increased Productivity and Retention

January 7, 2009

Lisa Orrell

Lisa Orrell
The Orrell Group

Lisa Orrell is “The Generation Relations Expert” and the author of the popular business book, Millennials Incorporated. Her book has become the premier resource for executives and managers to learn key strategies for recruiting, managing, and retaining Generation Y employees (also referred to as Millennials).

In this podcast, Lisa gives us her insights into the Millennials, and tells us why we should care about this new generation entering the workforce.

Lisa has a popular blog you can access through her website, Her most popular seminar, “Get A Grip on Gen Y” is now available on DVD.

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