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Customer Relevance: Why Use Case-Driven Value™ Matters to Marketing

April 15, 2010

Lilia Shirman
Managing Director
Shirman Group

Lilia Shirman is a technology industry executive, author, and advisor who helps technology innovators find and pursue new revenue and growth opportunities. Her clients include industry leaders like BEA Systems/Oracle, Intervoice, and Symantec, as well as rapidly growing new ventures. She is the author of 42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue and an advisor in Stanford’s Global Entrepreneurial Marketing program.

In this podcast, Lilia tells us why Marketing organizations should be focusing on customer relevance, and in particular, context, to win business and close customers.

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Getting Publicity in a Web 2.0 Social Media World

March 30, 2010

Dan Janal
Founder and President
PR Leads Plus

Dan Janal has been called “a true Internet marketing pioneer,” by USA Today. He is one of the most respected teachers, visionaries and entrepreneurs in the publicity community, the author of six books, and an in-demand international speaker for nearly 20 years. His company, PR Leads Plus, has helped more than 3000 small businesses and entrepreneurs get publicity in major media to boost their sales and their careers.

In this podcast, Dan tells us how to effectively get publicity through both traditional media and social media and shares tips for cutting through the clutter to get to the people who matter.

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Leveraging Facebook to Brand Your Business

March 15, 2010

Roger Katz

Roger Katz the founder and leader of Friend2Friend, is a marketer, strategist and social media expert. His career includes stints with Photobucket, Agilent, Brocade, Quantum, Bell Labs, and a number of startups. Roger is a big believer in the power of social media and the changes social media will bring to consumers and advertisers alike, hence his company’s focus on Facebook, Twitter and the iPhone.

In this podcast, Roger tells us how brands can use Facebook to interact and engage with their customers in new and powerful ways, and explains why he thinks we’re seeing the biggest shift in media since the advent of the Internet.

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The Case for Creating Market-Driven Culture

March 4, 2010

Chris Brown
MarketCulture Strategies

Chris Brown is Partner and CEO of MarketCulture Strategies, where he oversees the development of new programs, services, and marketing software, as well as new business development. His IT background includes positions with Hewlett-Packard in the South Pacific Region, as well as with Australia’s largest IT wholesaler, Tech Pacific Australia. Chris’ specific area of interest and specialization is in practically applying marketing as a discipline that delivers superior return on investment.

In this podcast, Chris explains the connection between market-driven businesses and productivity and introduces the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI).

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Why Creating Green Value Makes Good Marketing Sense

February 22, 2010

Colette Chandler
The Marketing Insider, Inc.

Colette Chandler is the leading expert in helping companies better understand environmental and health trends and the consumers driving them. Her company conducted groundbreaking research in the Midwest that aided companies in better understanding the attitudes, behaviors and purchasing decisions of consumers as it relates to the environment, natural health and wellness.

In this podcast, Colette tells us why creating authentic green value should be an integral part of every organization’s marketing strategy.

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Productizing Your Personal Services Business

February 14, 2010

Ed PollEd Poll

LawBiz Management Company

Ed Poll advises law firms and their leaders on practice management, business development, and financial matters. Ed is unique in that he has long-term experience in both business and law, having practiced law for 25 years, served as the CEO and COO of several manufacturing businesses, and built a successful consulting practice to small and large law firms for 15 years. Ed is a nationally-renowned instructor for law firms, bar associations and universities, and he’s written numerous books and audiotapes on running a profitable law practice.

In this podcast, Ed talks about why product creation is critical to the success of personal services businesses and he shares his tips for creating effective products.

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Using SaaS to Enable The Next Generation in Non-Profit Fundraising

February 2, 2010

Carol Schrader
CEO, givezooks!

Carol Schrader brings over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and marketing executive in the software industry to her role as CEO of givezooks! Among the companies she’s worked for are Valisys, Sherpa, Documentum, Agile Software and Killarney Group, a consulting firm specializing in marketing and business strategy consulting to emerging companies. She’s also been involved with many non-profit organizations, both as a fundraiser and board member.

In this podcast, Carol talks about how givezooks! is using software as a service (SaaS) to help non-profit organizations conduct more effective fundraising, as well as what it means to be a social entrepreneur.

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Creating a New Business Surge

December 16, 2009

Seth Kahan
Performance Development Group

Seth Kahan works with leaders to develop successful business strategies. His clients include CEOs, Executive Directors, and senior managers of the World Bank, Shell, Peace Corps, Project Management Institute, American Public Transportation Association, American Institute of Architects, and others.

In this podcast, Seth will explain how he is helping free agents succeed in a difficult market, through techniques like the new business surge.

Seth writes three blogs: Fast Co’s Leading Change (, providing techniques for increasing business to free agents, and which highlights his upcoming book, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out.

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Customer Experience Optimization: New Rules for Innovation

November 16, 2009

Lynn Hunsaker
Clear Action

Lynn Hunsaker specializes in customer-centric culture-building, customer data ROI, and cross-organizational engagement to deliver brand promises. She is a CustomerThink Advisor and instructor at UC Berkeley Extension. The latest of her three books is Innovating Superior Customer Experience, a handbook featuring dozens of tools and templates for involving the whole company in continual innovation of both tangibles and intangibles.

In this podcast, Lynn will explain the new rules of innovation, including a focus on customer experience outcomes, circumstance-based personas, and all-employee involvement.

Lynn’s strategic blog is Customer Experience Optimization and her employee-oriented blog is Improve Customer Experience.

Get a discount on her ebook Innovating Superior Customer Experience here by entering the discount code L2M.

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Building Effective Go-to-Market Campaigns with Leading Edge Technology

November 3, 2009

karen_galatisKaren Galatis
Sun Microsystems

Karen Galatis is the Senior Director for Integrated Marketing at Sun Microsystems, Inc., responsible for global events, production of all marketing materials and collateral, and the strategy and production of all multi-media. Karen has also had responsibility for the development of Sun’s Go-to-Market programs across all product business groups. Prior to coming to Sun, she held positions at Children’s Hospital and the Dana Farber Institute in Boston and Hewlett-Packard.

In this podcast, Karen talks about the steps to build and deliver effective go-to-market campaigns, including how Sun has integrated leading edge technology in its integrated marketing campaigns.

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