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Where No One’s Gone Before: The Power of the Grand Challenge

July 9, 2019

Seth Kahan

Seth Kahan is widely recognized as being on the forefront of Visionary Leadership, and a trusted advisor to over 100 CEOs. He’s a sought after business strategy specialist, a respected thought leader and convener of Grand Challenges, and the author of the business bestsellers Getting Change Right, Getting Innovation Right, and the recently released Visionary Leadership.

In this podcast, Seth discusses the core competencies of visionary leadership. He tells us what makes up a Grand Challenge, and explains how organizations can use a Grand Challenge to build thought leadership and stand out from the crowd.

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LinkedIn: The Important Marketing Tool That’s Hiding in Plain Sight

November 10, 2016

sandra-clarkSandra Clark
LinkedIn Mentoring

Sandra Clark is a trainer and coach who specializes in helping busy professionals create powerful LinkedIn profiles and then teaching them how to use those profiles for results. The founder of LinkedIn Mentoring, she was formerly Director of Communications for UC Santa Cruz Extension in Silicon Valley, and she is working on her first book, Social Media for the Socially Reluctant.

In this podcast, Sandra talks about why LinkedIn should be a key part of marketing strategy for individuals and businesses. She discusses the most common mistakes people make on LinkedIn, and explains how to use LinkedIn to build thought leadership.

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Cut Through The Clutter: How Focusing on One Big Idea Positions Thought Leaders for Success

August 13, 2014

mark-levy-smMark Levy
Levy Innovation LLC

Mark Levy is the founder of Levy Innovation, a positioning firm that helps consultants and other thought leaders increase their fees by up to 2000%. His clients include Marshall Goldsmith, Simon Sinek, David Meerman Scott, the CEOs of major brands, the former head of the Strategy Unit of the Harvard Business School, and many TED and TEDx speakers. His book Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insights, and Content has been translated into 10 languages.

In this podcast, Mark talks about why it’s critical for companies and business people to develop effective positioning. He discusses why great books are not necessarily written logically from beginning to end and why it makes sense to start developing thought leadership with a single big idea.

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Speak Up, Show Up, and Step Up: Using Thought Leadership to Build a Marketable Brand or Business

April 8, 2014

denise-brosseauDenise Brosseau

Denise Brosseau is the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, where she works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to build visibility, credibility and thought leadership to enhance their professional success. Her clients include leaders from Apple, Genentech and Morgan Stanley as well as startup CEOs, partners in professional service firms and nonprofit executives. Denise is the author of Ready to Be a Thought Leader? published in early 2014 by Wiley/Jossey Bass.

In this podcast, Denise talks about the importance of thought leadership—not just for community leaders and CEOs but for individuals within companies as well. She discussed the 7 steps for becoming a thought leader and why it’s so important to be as discoverable as possible.

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