Standing Out is No Longer Optional

April 21, 2015

dorie-clarkDorie Clark
Marketing Consultant & Author

Branding expert Dorie Clark is the author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future and the new book Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build A Following Around It. She is a former presidential campaign spokeswoman, as well as a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, and the World Economic Forum blog.

In this podcast, Dorie discusses the importance of having a breakthrough idea that can enable an individual to stand out as a thought leader. She shares best practices and strategies to help people establish and cultivate the reputation to make that idea spread.

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Getting To “Priceless:” The Five Truths Method of Brand Strategy Development

April 10, 2015

kevin-allenKevin Allen
Founder and Chairman of
Re:kap Ltd. And Planet Jockey

Kevin Allen is the founder and chairman of Re:kap, a business transformation company, and Planet Jockey, which specializes in gamified emotional intelligence training. Recognized as one of the world’s most accomplished growth professionals, he has worked with such brands as MasterCard, Microsoft, Marriott, Smith Barney, Nestle, L’Oreal, Lufthansa and Johnson & Johnson, among others. He is the author of the bestseller The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Business and Create a Following, and the recently released The Case of the Missing Cutlery: A leadership Course for the Rising Star.

Behind every enduring — and game-changing — marketing communications and brand initiative lies a carefully crafted, emotionally laden argument and coalescing strategic idea. In this podcast, Kevin Allen, who led the team that created the now-iconic “Priceless” platform for MasterCard, shares the five eternal truths, as well as how to get to a powerful strategic idea that gives listeners a practical tool to develop their own “Priceless.”

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Leading Effective Change by Interpreting the Chocolate Conversation

March 25, 2015

rose-fassRose Fass
Fassforward Consulting Group

Rose Fass, is the founder and CEO of fassforward Consulting Group, a leading edge business transformation firm that works with Fortune 500 executive teams on translating strategy, driving change, and growing leadership. As the Chief Transformation Officer at Xerox, she led the transition to the global industry and solutions business—integrating acquisitions, diverse cultures and operating units to develop and execute their enterprise strategy.

In this podcast, Rose discusses the chocolate conversation and how it affects the culture of a company, as well as why leading change can be bittersweet.

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How Companies Profit When the Customer is King

February 24, 2015

chuck-wallChuck Wall
Founder and CEO
Marketpower Group

Chuck Wall, the founder and CEO of Marketpower Group, a business growth consultant, teaches companies how to profit by engaging the power of their customers and conducting customer insight research. Chuck is a serial entrepreneur, as well as the author of Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customer. An expert in understanding the unmet needs of customers, Chuck has interviewed and surveyed over 100,000 customers from coast to coast.

In this podcast, Chuck discusses why it pays for companies to think of their customers as CEOs, as well as explaining how companies can use the nine powers of the customer CEO to improve greater profitability and results.

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Harnessing the Power of a Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

February 11, 2015

mike-gospeMike Gospe
Marketing strategist & professional CAB facilitator
KickStart Alliance


Mike Gospe is a professional customer advisory board facilitator and co-founder of KickStart Alliance, a sales and marketing leadership consulting team. Over the past 12 years, Mike has personally facilitated and helped companies execute more than 100 CAB meetings in a variety of B2B industries. Prior to that, he held a variety of leadership roles at HP, Sun, and several start-ups. He is also the author of several B2B marketing books, including The Marketing High Ground and The Flipchart Guides to Customer Advisory Boards.

In this podcast, Mike discusses how some tech companies are using their CAB to identify and strengthen their competitive advantage. He answers a number of important questions executives wrestle with when they are implementing or revising their CAB program. Mike shares stories, experiences, and recommendations for avoiding common CAB mistakes, as well as how to ensure your CAB program is world-class.

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Preventing Sales Whiplash: How Marketers Can Help Drive the Sales Boom

October 22, 2014

colleen-francisColleen Francis
Founder and President
Engage Selling

The author of the book Nonstop Sales Boom, Colleen Francis works with business and sales leaders to design, implement,s and hone their sales teams to seize market opportunities. Whether designing strategy to target a new market or working with a team to improve their productivity, Colleen’s results have attracted clients such as Merck, Abbott, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Canada, Dow Agro Sciences, Adecco, Trend Micro, UBM and over a thousand other leading organizations.

In this podcast, Francis talks about why even top performing organizations have boom and bust cycles in their sales forces, and how understanding the four stages of sales engagement can help break the cycle. She discusses how the best sales reps are becoming more marketing focused and what this means for the marketing organizations that support them.

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Silence the Inner Critic: How Women Can Succeed by Playing Bigger

October 8, 2014

TaraMohrTara Sophia Mohr
Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message

Tara Sophia Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. She’s the creator of the acclaimed Playing Big leadership program for women, which has more than 1000 graduates from around the world. The author of Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message, she has been featured on Today and in publications ranging from Huffington Post to Harvard Business Review to Maria

In this podcast, Mohr talks about what she thinks has been missing from the conversation about women and work, and why it’s important that women unhook from praise and criticism. She discusses how the epidemic of women playing small hurts all of us in the workplace, men and women alike.

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How Marketing Helps Midsized Companies Get Mighty

September 13, 2014

RobertSherRobert Sher
Founding Principal
CEO to CEO Inc.

Robert Sher is Founding Principal of CEO to CEO, a firm of former CEOs that improves the skills of mid-market chief executives who are navigating changes in their business and marketplace. A columnist and author of two books, he is a veteran CEO with 23 years’ experience, as well as a board member of KBFA, Inc., Managing Director of the Alliance of Chief Executives, and current President of the Association for Corporate Growth San Francisco.

In this podcast, Rob talks about the biggest mistakes he sees marketing leaders at midsize companies make. He discusses the role of marketing in reducing the risk of fumbled acquisitions, as well as how creativity and discipline can coexist effectively.

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Cut Through The Clutter: How Focusing on One Big Idea Positions Thought Leaders for Success

August 13, 2014

mark-levy-smMark Levy
Levy Innovation LLC

Mark Levy is the founder of Levy Innovation, a positioning firm that helps consultants and other thought leaders increase their fees by up to 2000%. His clients include Marshall Goldsmith, Simon Sinek, David Meerman Scott, the CEOs of major brands, the former head of the Strategy Unit of the Harvard Business School, and many TED and TEDx speakers. His book Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insights, and Content has been translated into 10 languages.

In this podcast, Mark talks about why it’s critical for companies and business people to develop effective positioning. He discusses why great books are not necessarily written logically from beginning to end and why it makes sense to start developing thought leadership with a single big idea.

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Building The Partner Ecosystem for the Marketing Nation

June 25, 2014

christine-hansenChristine Hansen
Senior Director of Strategic Alliances

Christine Hansen is the Senior Director of Strategic Alliances for Marketo, specializing in business development with commerce and other partners in the customer engagement space. She has held a variety of leadership roles in partnership development, product management and marketing with such companies as PayPal, BEA Systems, Oracle and others.

In this podcast, Christine talks about how Marketo is leveraging partners to drive growth. She discusses how Marketo’s technology, service and distribution partners extend the company’s offerings, helping to accelerate Marketo’s growth into some of the world’s most disruptive companies.

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